8 Reasons to Hire an App Agency

Most business now know that mobile apps are a great way to reach consumers and a means to stand out from your competition. Studies show that there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users by 2020 which opens up a new funnel for companies to convert potential customers. Many companies and individuals have the next big app idea but they always have the same question:


Who is going to design, develop and deploy our app?  Should we hire a freelancer, an app development agency or build our own app development team?


We believe that hiring an app agency has several benefits over hiring a freelancer or setting up your own team. Take a look at our list of benefits below:



1. An app development agency is dedicated to apps and nothing else

App development agencies specialize in apps and nothing else; they live and breathe mobile apps. Agencies have individuals whose professional careers are built on amazing apps and have extensive experience in their respective fields. Agencies build apps everyday and have seen countless apps succeed, which can be easily passed on to your app. Outsourcing your app to an agency can also save time for your team to focus on other aspects of the business. You can leave your app in the hands of seasoned professionals knowing that you will be getting the best product for your business.


2. Agencies have specialized skills

Most IT teams for businesses are jack-of-all-trades and lack the specialized skills to build an app. It is possible for a talented IT team to develop apps but there is a steep learning curve and a clear lack of experience. Mobile app development requires an extensive knowledge of coding and frameworks to execute successfully. Agencies are filled with developers that are specialized in their respective framework and coding language; app development is second nature to them. An agency will ensure best tech stack for your app,


3. Agencies offer fixed contracts

Freelancers usually charge an hourly rate, can’t make solid quotes and prices can inflate quickly if they are struggling with the development process. An agency has usually built numerous apps and have documented prices for every feature of an app. Agencies can provide a solid fixed price for your app that won’t change no matter what happens throughout the development process. Agencies can help lower your costs and provide a fixed cost that will fit into your budget from the beginning.


4. Agencies provide accurate timelines

It is difficult to scope out a timeline for a mobile app due to the complex nature of the development. Freelancers or a freshly trained IT team would have a difficult time estimating the time required to build an app. Mobile app development is an iterative process and has common pitfalls that inexperienced individuals will not be aware of. There is no such thing as a truly small app and every app is a difficult process. Agencies can provide accurate project management for your app and clearly communicate on the status of the development.


5. Agencies have dedicated design teams

There’s more to an app then just the coding and development, modern apps have to meet a high standard for UI and UX. UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are huge aspects of an app and there are professionals dedicated for each one. ¬†An IT team might be able to learn how to develop an app but they might lack the skills needed to build a beautiful UI and a solid UX. Apps also need dedicated assets such as icons, images, animations, music and videos that take dedicated hours to design. Agencies have dedicated design teams that will help you build a pretty app that is easy and intuitive to use.


6. Agencies can provide guarantees

A freelancer might get sick or fall prey to other obligations and fail to provide a working app. An IT team might struggle for weeks to learn and build apps only to find out that their product doesn’t meet their standards. App agencies are built and sustained by mobile apps. When you hire an agency, you know that you will be getting the app you paid for.


7. Build a continued relationship with an agency

Apps are not stagnant, they usually need minor improvements, bug fixes, touch ups and more. You can count on an agency to continue to improve your app while a freelancer might decide to move on to other ventures. Building a relationship with an app development agency will ensure that you will be able to continue to improve your app long after it is finished.


8. Agencies make use of advanced technology

The tech industry is a busy and dynamic world. Technology is changing rapidly and an app that is viable today might not be in a year. Programming languages can change drastically, new open source libraries are created and frameworks like Android and iOS are continuously being improved. You can count on an agency to be on the cutting edge and caught up with all the latest advancements.


Building an app is never easy and people will always have questions about the process. We hope we’ve answered some of your questions. Consider reaching out to an app development agency if you want to build an amazing app that will continue to be amazing long after it is built.