by Lattice Studios

Sometimes it's hard to keep of what your friend group's likes and dislikes are. Ranker can be used to settle all your debates about what the best movie or cake is. Ranker allows users to easily share with their friend and uses a rigorous algorithm to ensure the rankings are fair.

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User Login

Users can create their own accounts using an email and password. Security measures were implemented so that other users can’t see their personal rankings. Users can build up their personal rankings and share them with their friends that are also signed up with ranker.

QR Code Sharing

Users can share their rankings with their friends through the use of their personal QR codes. Using the camera, you can automatically scan the QR code and start ranking!

Live Updates

Ranker is completely live! Everything in the app is done in real time and you can watch as your friends rank your collections.

Ranking Algorithm

Ranker uses a rigorous algorithm to ensure that all the rankings are fair. The ranking system is more complex than a regular system that simply ranks items based on how many times they’ve been upvoted. For example, movies that are on the top of the ranking get smaller ranking boosts then movies on the bottom of the ranking when a movie is upvoted.

iPad & iPhone

Use it on any iOS device.