Lattice Showroom

The lattice showroom is meant to be a showcase of some of the pretty UI elements that have been created by the team at Lattice Studios.

Red header by Lattice studios

Intuitive Navigation

Easy and clean navigation is the keto to any app. All of the showcases in the Lattice Showroom are built with pleasant and Intuitive navigation. 

Coming soon

Coming soon


Animations can give life to an otherwise lifeless app and improve use experience. All the showcases in the Lattice Showroom have playful animations and transitions to keep the user entertained while the app performs expensive operations.

News Feed

The news feed is a hypothetical news app that would display all the relevant news for a user. 

Coming soon

Coming soon

Video Login

The video login is a sample login screen that can be placed into any app. The video is a great way of showcasing the contents of your app or your users’ experience with your business.


The hypothetical map view shows the closest restaurants to your location.