What's This

by Lattice Studio

Explore the wonders of machine learning using the What’s This?” app. “What’s This?” is meant to be a semi-educational experience that gives users an idea of how far machine learning has come in the past few years. The app also includes some high level information about the machine learning algorithms.

Red header by Lattice studios

Intuitive UI

“What's this?” was designed to have a simple and intuitive user interface. The app uses pleasant animations and responsive design to create a fun user experience. The app has a custom camera interface that makes it easy to capture or find images from your photo library.

Image Recognition

Using image recognition, “What’s This?” can detect the contents of an image. The algorithm is able to distinguish between people and inanimate objects. If the contents of the image is a person, the algorithm can estimate their age, sex, facial expression and emotion of the person.

Facial Comparisons

“What's this?” can also let you know how similar your face is to your friends. Just upload a picture of you and your friend and the algorithm will do all the work!