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At Lattice Studios we offer a variety of additional services

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Machine Learning

Machine learning is a great tool that can help boost user experience. We can implement machine learning algorithms, such as speech to text, image recognition, image labelling, user grouping, and face recognition.

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Comprehensive Testing

No application is bug free. Although we do our best to ensure our apps are airtight, bugs can surface during edge cases or when pushing to a large amount of users. We can run rigorous tests for the entire suite of applications to ensure that your platform’s performance is bulletproof.


Finding the best technology to use for your business is a challenge. Do you need a relational or non-relational database? Do you need analytics? Do you need a full stack engineer? What payment process should you use? We are here to help you, whether it is choosing your best technology stack or designing your app that suits your business model.

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Bug Fixing

Bugs come in many shapes and sizes. Your applications are bound to run into minor to major bugs that requires immediate fixing. But sometimes we need to put on our detective hats in order to get rid of all your bugs and ensure your app is in top shape. Even if you have a platform developed outside of Lattice Studios, we would be happy to help squash your bugs.

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What makes products so alluring? We believe the answer is excellent design and user experience. All of our solutions are tailored to improving user experience and design. Come meet us for a free consultation and we can build you an initial mockup for your project!