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Every successful business needs data analytics to ensure that their business continues to grow. We can set-up a number of analytics solutions including app analytics, ad analytics, social media analytics, website analytics, search engine analytics and aggregated analytics.

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Big Data

Catching trends in data is not easy when you have millions of data points and hundreds of variables. We can analyze your big data and provide you with the insights you need to make the right choices for your business.

User Retention

Acquiring users is relatively easy but maintaining your user base is difficult. We can track your user retention for the lifetime of your app. Combining user retention data with other forms of analytics will help you figure out how to maintain your user growth.

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User Groups

We can use machine learning and user behaviour to group users into distinct groups. This allows your business to provide targeted advertisements, offers and improvements that will improve the quality of life of all your users.

Crash Analytics

Crashes and bugs are not fun and they easily can ruin a great experience. We can set up a system that monitors your bugs and crashes so that you can squash them as soon as they rear their heads.

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A/B Testing

Sometimes it’s a risky move to introduce a new feature into your app because it could result in upsetting users. A/B testing is used to ensure that only a small percentage of your users are affected by the update. After getting feedback from your test group, you can decide if you want to push the feature to your entire user base.

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