UX & UI Design

At Lattice Studios, we have an ardent design culture and a fine-tuned attention to detail

Lattice studios header graphic
Lattice studio header graphic

UX Research

Building a solid user experience is a difficult feature that requires experimentation. The key to creating a proper user experience is to pay attention to all the little nuances that a user might experience. Everything from the placement of the buttons to the speed of animations, checkout processes, and transitions require careful designing.

UI Design

We take the best UI designs and elements to deliver a truly beautiful app. Our unique user interface feature material design, where objects in the app behave like they would in real life, with motion that mimics real physics. The key is to make all the UI elements clear and obvious without an explanation.

Starman graphic by Lattice Studio
Segmentation graphic by Lattice Studio

Market Segmentation

A user experience that might be an amazing experience for one group might not be the best for another group. We conduct market segmentation research and find out what UI / UX elements appeal to your users.

Competitive Analysis

We take close look at what your competitors do right and what they do wrong. Through our research, we learn, we improve, we analyze how they got to where they are now, and how technology is applied to that industry.

Technical competitive analysis by Lattice Studio
Demographics graphic by Lattice Studio

Usability Testing

As best practice, our UX/ UI is only declared good once the end-users say so. In the practical world, elements that seem obvious to some people might mean nothing to another group of people. UX/UI requires continuous improvements, and the only way to do that is through usability tests on your target demographic.

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