Mobile App Development

At Lattice Studios, mobile apps are our bread and butter

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We build iPhone/Android/iPad/Tablet apps for the latest iOS/Android version with modern programming languages. We use the clean architecture patterns to ensure that the apps are high performing and bug free. 


We build apps with  intuitive UI and tailored user experience. We learn UI design from the best apps on the market, and integrate what they do right into your app. The user experience is built with analytics and usability tests, which we incorporate into our development process. 

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Tasteful motion design


We build colourful and fun animations to add character to your app. Animations include everything from splash screens, transitions, buttons and morphing animations.

Integrated Backend

We connect our apps to the cloud using our backend solutions. We build our apps with live updates, authentication and the ability to retrieve and update information in the app’s database. Secure your users data with the best security measures there are.

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Payment Solutions

We can integrate payment solutions to your app using third parties such as Stripe. Users can purchase items from an e-commerce store or pay for services through the app. Not storing credit card information while securely handling transactions is a plus.


We build analytics into our apps so that we can monitor the effectiveness of our apps. Analytics allow us to modify our apps and improve the user experience for future users as well as bring in new users.

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Explode out of the screen by Lattice Studio

Other Cool Stuff

Deep links, location based, biometrics, QR code, on device machine learning, widgets, integrate with online services, cron jobs… There are tons of ideas, innovations, creations out there, you just have to think of them.

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What makes products so alluring? We believe the answer is excellent design and user experience. All of our solutions are tailored to improving user experience and design. Come meet us for a free consultation and we can build you an initial mockup for your project!