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Let Lattice Studios build the website that will have your clients coming back for more

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Landing Pages

Your landing page is where you make your first impression with your future clients. We build beautiful landing pages for your business that will entice clients into using your services. Our landing pages are user-friendly so your clients can find everything they are looking for.

Web Applications

We build functional web applications to compliment your mobile apps with all the same functionality. Whether it’s an e-commerce store or a service, we are able to build a solid web experience for your clients.

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We conduct keyword research and use the latest SEO optimisation tools. It ensure that your website is on the first page of Google, and that there are no red flags that might reduce your standing in Google’s algorithm.

Email Integration

We integrate email services such as MailChimp into your websites for subscriptions and bookings. Emails are the best way to get the attention of your users, which is why it should be integral to your website

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Optimization & Security

We understand that hooking up a website to a server can be a frustrating experience. We can hook up your website to a server and ensure it is secure and acceptable for web browsers. We can optimize your security, speed and mobile usability. Our choice for managing websites is Amazon Web Services.

Web Analytics

Why is website analytics so important? Your website is utilised to serve and interact with your viewers and customers . In order to maximize your influence on this platform, you must understand where your audience comes from and why they come to your website. Done right, website analytics can be the most powerful tool in your arsenal.

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What makes products so alluring? We believe the answer is excellent design and user experience. All of our solutions are tailored to improving user experience and design. Come meet us for a free consultation and we can build you an initial mockup for your project!