Building a solid budget for a mobile application can be tough to estimate. Most companies don’t understand how complex and costly it is to create a successful, user-friendly app. Mobile apps usually have hidden complex structures that are not usually noticed by users. App development is also a rigorous process with many pitfalls if it's executed poorly.   Developing a mobile app

Apps aren’t cheap and they aren’t easy to build. Any company that wants to build an app likely wants to generate some revenue from their app. There are multiple monetization strategies that are popular these days and picking the right one can be a difficult decision. Mobile apps can be very lucrative if an ideal monetization strategy is implemented. According

Mobile apps are an amazing marketing platform that can enhance your business and extend your reach to new customers. Like any other marketing platform, it is key to understand your platform’s demographics in order to appeal to the correct people. Mobile apps become successful because they cater to specific demographics and solve their problems. Market research needs to be conducted

Most business now know that mobile apps are a great way to reach consumers and a means to stand out from your competition. Studies show that there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users by 2020 which opens up a new funnel for companies to convert potential customers. Many companies and individuals have the next big app idea but they always

For years, I’ve used apps like Whatsapp and Skype while taking for granted all the little features that make the apps so great. There are so many features that I expect from a modern chat app and would consider an app incomplete if they were missing. After developing apps for a couple years and attempting to make a chat app