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iPhone mockup for Whats This app by Lattice Studio

What's This?

What’s This is an iPhone app that utilizes machine learning and image recognition to detect the contents of an image. It can determine the age, gender and facial features of an individual as well as detect everyday items. Users can also use the app to see how close they are in likeness to their friends. Many users have fun scanning everything and learning about the power of machine learning.

Ranker app icon by Lattice Studio


Have you ever wanted to compare movies or books with friends? Ranker lets you rank anything with your friends and the app is completely live! The app updates in realtime and you can watch as your friends rank your movies. Share your rankings with friends using your personal QR code with your phone’s camera. Ranker uses a rigorous algorithm to fairly rank your collections.

iPhone mockup with Ranker app icon by Lattice Studio
Mockup with Punny Weather app icon by Lattice Studio
Punny Weather app icon by Lattice Studio

Simple Weather

Simple weather focuses on a simple design that provides you with all the information you need for the day with a quick glance. It also provides the forecast for the next 24 hours and 7 days in a simple list format. Simple weather is a simple app that gets you all the weather information you need for your life without being overladen with features and ads.

Page app icon by Lattice Studio


Pager is an end to end encrypted live chat app that has all the fun and useful chat features that users have become accustomed to. We hope that this app will become the go to messaging app for lots of people. Currently building Android version, the iOS will soon follow.

Pager app by Lattice Studio
Showroom app by Lattice Studio
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Lattice Showroom

The lattice showroom is meant to be a showcase of some of the pretty UI elements that have been created by the team at Lattice Studios. Definitely check this out.

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